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XSI Sports Insurance is sports insurance created by athletes for athletes, and it provides coverage both on and off the field injuries. At XSI Sports Insurance, we think you should get the insurance coverage you need, regardless of the sports related injury. All too often, insurance agencies deny claims because you were injured doing the sport you love. That isn’t right. XSI believes in covering all athletes from any age, skill level, and sport. Whether you’re a football player, gymnast, skater, skier, or extreme sport athlete, XSI Sports Insurance has an insurance plan for you.

XSI Sports Insurance was founded in 2009 by Robert Scott, an insurance executive who has worked in the industry since 1995. One day while training for a boxing match, Robert broke his hand. Robert quickly discovered that his major medical policy was only going to cover a fraction of the cost to get his hand back into fighting form. At that point, Robert recognized a need for a special type of supplemental insurance that was both affordable and effective in its coverage. XSI Sports Insurance was born, and the company developed insurance products and programs for amateur athletes and active individuals of all ages from all walks of life.

Company Highlights:

  • XSI Sports Insurance is a Utah-based insurance marketing company that is now serving active individuals and families across the country. XSI Sports Insurance is available in all 50 states.
  • XSI Sports Insurance has partnered with some of the largest insurance carriers in the world to develop its unique product offerings.
  • All of our agents, employees and representatives are athletes or avid sports fans.

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