Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does XSI really cover sports injuries?

Yes! Whether you’re a die-hard athlete or a weekend warrior, XSI has a plan for you.  Click here for list of sports covered.

What if I break my ankle walking down the stairs?

Don’t worry, with XSI you are covered 24/7!  You don’t have to be participating in sports to use XSI.

How does it work?

Participating in progressive sports or just having an active family should mean having a progressive insurance plan that keeps up with your lifestyle. If you get injured while participating in a sport, or just while at home or school, XSI’s supplemental insurance plans will get you a check for injury-related expenses. Even if you have a major health insurance plan, XSI will still reimburse you to help pay unexpected medical bills, compensate for lost time at work or anything else you need to use the money for. Click on our plan details to get exact information about each of XSI’s plans.

Can I purchase this policy if I do not have major medical coverage?

Yes! It’s always a good idea to have major medical coverage. However, XSI plans are stand- alone products and do not require you to have a major medical policy.

If I have a $3,000 deductible on my major medical policy, am I only limited to a $3,000 maximum benefit with your plans?

No!  Your XSI plan is completely independent of any other coverage you may have.  XSI recommends purchasing a plan with a higher benefit than your deductible to help cover co-payments and share-of-cost you may have with your major medical plan.

What if I recently had a broken bone, surgery or hospital stay?

With XSI, prior and/or pre-existing medical conditions are not applicable.  You will be covered for any new injuries you sustain after your effective date.

When am I eligible to receive benefits if I have been injured?

XSI plans have no waiting periods or elimination periods. Coverage begins as soon as your XSI plan becomes active.

What if my kids get injured?

Child injuries are just as expensive as adult injuries and can result in income loss if a parent needs to stay home to care for an injured child. XSI plans can cover your entire family.

How much will this cost?

XSI has a plan for you at a price you can afford. Our plans start at just $15.40 a month.

Will my rates increase if I file a claim?

No! Rates will never increase after submitting an injury-related claim.

So how do I get covered by XSI?

Give us a call at (801) 331-8503 to get started. In addition, our user-friendly Live Chat feature can quickly get you in contact with an XSI representative.  You can also use the form on our homepage and an XSI representative will contact you shortly.  It only takes a few minutes to get started with XSI.


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