How to File a Claim

The claims process begins when an Insured contacts the Customer Service Center of American General to request health calim forms, 800.231.3655. Calling XSI Claims Department, 801.335.8503 or by filling out the appropriate plan claim form and HIPAA forms found at the bottom of the page.

The insured MUST complete the forms in their entirety and submit them, along with any and all documention, including but not limited to Explantion of Benefits (EOB), Intial Medical Care Evaluation (IMCE), etc.

Please Send to:

3305 West Mayflower #3
Lehi, UT 84043

By Fax:

American General Claims Department:
XSI Claims: 801.331.8503

After recieving ALL required documentation, XSI will forward the claim forms and claim documents to American General Claim’s department, where American General will begin their review of the claim. Normal processing time approximately 10-15 business days from receipt ALL required documents to American General. From that point forward American General will be in direct contact with you, either by phone, email or mail. If you have questions or need help filing your claim please call XSI Claims, 801.331.8503.

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