Ice Hockey Insurance

Hockey players are the toughest athletes out there. Missing teeth, open wounds, and black eyes are just part of the uniform. But when major medical insurance denies your medical claim or won’t cover the full extent of your medical costs, it can feel like you’ve been checked from behind. XSI Hockey Insurance is the defenseman you want when your insurance doesn’t have your back. Our hockey insurance covers the medical expenses that your insurance won’t cover, as well as any additional expenses related to your injury such as loss of wages and living expenses. You can be playing a game of shinny on your local pond, a game of pickup, or in the championship of your beer league, XSI Hockey Insurance has got you covered. XSI has excellent rates for individuals, students, and group rates for entire teams that fit any income and budget. We cover all ages and skill levels so we can cover Mite to Bantam, the high school All-American, and even the guy who takes his adult league a little too seriously.

So I got hurt playing hockey. Now what?

XSI’s supplemental insurance goes to work. XSI cuts you a check for additional medical costs, unforeseen expenses, and lost wages. This way, you can stop worrying about compiling medical payments, and get back out on the ice as soon as possible. XSI Hockey Insurance supplements your primary insurance and covers what they won’t, even if you aren’t hurt while playing hockey.

If you’re not covered

If you don’t have hockey insurance, it may only be a matter of time for you to incur medical debt for treatments that your health insurance doesn’t cover. Many hockey injuries require specialized treatments and intensive rehab that major medical insurance won’t cover. And with medical debt, you may have problems paying your bills especially if your injuries keep you from work, but health insurance doesn’t cover those things. And the stress from the mounting debt can be a health concern in and of itself.

If you are covered

When you have XSI Hockey Insurance, you don’t have to be worried that you can’t get the treatment you need to get back on the ice. XSI Hockey Insurance covers the medical expenses that your health insurance doesn’t cover, including rehabilitation. XSI helps with your major medical insurance deductible, and the benefits are paid to your name, not your doctors. Your hockey insurance covers injuries that you incur on the ice and off, even if it isn’t hockey related. And XSI Hockey Insurance will help with your bills if you are hurt and unable to work.

On the ice isn’t the only place XSI has your back.

When you choose XSI Hockey Insurance, you are covered on and off the ice. This means if you’re injured during a game, while training in the weight room, or hit by a puck in the stands, XSI Hockey Insurance will still cover your medical bills. XSI Hockey Insurance will even cover you if you slipped on the ice in your driveway, although you might not want to tell your teammates that. XSI Hockey Insurance even covers medical bills that aren’t hockey related. Get a hockey insurance quote today and get covered today!





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