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Corporate Features

1 plan, 3 options

XSI Sports Insurance’s Signature Plan has 3 options to choose from: Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan view our pricing page to learn more.

Cash, in your pocket

Insurance companies typically don’t pay benefits directly to you. This means you’re responsible for the deductibles your regular insurance doesn’t cover.  XSI pays you directly.  That means you can do what ever you want with your cash.

Can’t afford higher premiums?

Insurance costs are rising every year and many employers are reducing employees’ available coverage. People are sometimes forced to lower their coverage because they can’t afford the higher premiums.  When you are covered with XSI it helps cover the difference.  In most instances, it not only covers the difference, it pays you cash back!

Simple and Affordable

24/7 Coverage

XSI has you covered no matter what activity you’re doing.  Whether you’re skiing, biking, wakeboarding, or just walking down the street-if you’re injured, XSI can help.

Cash goes directly to you

With XSI, your benefits aren’t paid to your insurance company or health provider. Cash is paid directly to you! You can use the funds for medical bills, rent, groceries, gas, or whatever else you want.  It’s that simple.

You get paid…period

XSI doesn’t lower your benefits because of additional insurance. We’re glad you have it!  We’ll still get you as much as your plan allows to help recover from your injuries so you can get back on your feet, both physically and financially, as quickly as possible.


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