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There is nothing better than the crisp mountain air on a clear day. We know. XSI’s home is also home to the greatest snow on earth and we spend all our free time enjoying Utah’s natural beauty. When you live on the foothills of the Wasatch, you get to experience the best snow and the best resorts, and the hazards that go along with it. How many times are you headed down the main green run for lunch and an unaware ski school student cuts you off? You can be the best park rider in the world, but a crashed skier hidden on the landing is going to ruin any jump. Hey, accidents happen. So why do major medical insurance agency often deny insurance claims when you’re injured doing the sport you love? XSI Ski Insurance covers you when your medical bills aren’t fully covered by your insurance. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced backcountry skier, high flying park skier, or a beginner that took an exceptionally bad tumble on the bunny hill, XSI Ski Insurance pays you cash to cover any injuries you may incur.

Am I covered anywhere I Ski?

Of course! While we highly recommend you ski in Utah (why would you subject yourself to anything but the best?), XSI Ski Insurance covers you wherever you’re skiing, coast-to-coast and abroad. XSI provides coverage to skiers in all 50 states. We have plans for individuals, students, families, and companies that have you covered in the event you have an impromptu yard sale on the mountain.

What types of benefits will I get if injured skiing?

When you’re injured on the slopes, XSI’s supplemental insurance goes to work. When you have a Ski Insurance plan with XSI, we cut you a check for injury-related expenses. Even if you have health insurance, XSI Ski Insurance reimburses you for unexpected medical bills and compensates you for lost time at work and any other expenses.

Insurance from XSI gives you peace of mind while doing what you love

The thought of ski injury-related medical expenses can put a damper on any ski season. If you’re just in for the weekend on a ski vacation, or up the mountain 2-3 days a week with a season pass, XSI Ski Insurance takes the worry of unexpected medical expenses away so you can fully enjoy those powder days.

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