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Nothing offers the freedom and tranquility that a snowboard does. XSI knows a few things about snowboarding as our headquarters is also home to the greatest snow on earth. Flying through the air on a super pipe, shredding powder like a hot knife through butter, and riding the rails is like nothing else out there. For every triple cork you stick, there is a chance of casing the knuckle. Health insurance for snowboarding is usually not at the forefront of your concern when you’re riding the backcountry, but it certainly will be if you’re in the hospital. Traditional health insurance will often deny your claim when you’re injured doing the sport you love. That isn’t right. XSI Snowboard Insurance has supplemental health insurance plans that riders love. With any income and budget, XSI can have you covered when you misjudge the landing, or just fall off the lift. With our month-to-month insurance plans, XSI Snowboard Insurance has you covered through the winter, and all those other months where you wish it was winter.

Why do I need snowboard insurance?

As every snowboarder knows, snowboarding is an inherently dangerous activity. You can get injured on a small kicker or a super pipe. When you suffer a snowboarding injury, major medical insurance has been known to deny claims for sports like snowboarding, or not covering the full extent of the medical bills. When you have XSI Snowboard Insurance, we don’t care if you fell off a rail or ran into a tree, we cover your medical expenses that your primary insurance provider doesn’t cover. This means that you aren’t stuck with massive medical debt just because you were injured on the mountain.

Where can I Snowboard?

While we heavily recommend you snowboard in Utah (why would you ride anything but the best?), you can ride the greatest snow on earth, or any of the regular, other snow on earth and be covered by XSI Snowboard Insurance. If you’re in the backcountry, riding double black diamonds in the resort, or riding hand rails behind a grocery store, XSI has you covered.

Does XSI Snowboard Insurance cover me off the mountain?

YES! You can be riding in the terrain park or shredding a local handrail, XSI Snowboard Insurance will cover your medical bills when you bail. You can slip on the ice in your driveway and our snowboard insurance will cover you. XSI Snowboard Insurance works like supplemental health insurance, so you don’t even have to be snowboarding for our insurance coverage to work for you.

Who’s paying the rent if you can work?

XSI Snowboard Insurance pays you cash when your injuries keep you from work. We cut you a check for injury-related expenses, unexpected medical bills, and compensate you for lost time at work and anything else you need money for.

What’s the difference between ski and snowboard travel insurance and sports injury insurance?

When you purchase ski travel insurance, you may be getting less than you thought. Ski travel insurance covers things like your trip, your ski resort tickets, and your equipment. Sports injury insurance, including ski insurance and snowboard insurance, covers something a little more important: Your body. Nothing kills the vibe of a ski trip like a sports injury. XSI Sports Injury Insurance is the best addition you can make to your ski and snowboard travel insurance to make sure you are fully insured on the mountain.

How likely am I to get hurt snowboarding?

Every year, more than 10 million Americans hit the slopes to ski and snowboard. That’s a lot of ski bums. With 10 million people hitting the slopes, injuries are bound to happen. There are approximately 600,000 ski and snowboard related injuries reported annually. Having snowboard insurance or ski insurance covers the full extent of your sports injuries and covers your medical expenses when your major medical insurance falls flat.

Top five snowboarding injuries


  1. Wrist injury 20%
  2. Shoulder injury 15.7%
  3. Knee 6.7%
  4. Leg injuries 6.1 %
  5. Ankle 7.8%

According to: Snowboarding injuries: trends over time and comparisons with alpine skiing injuries.





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